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How to Find Motivation to Shower When You’re Feeling Down

Taking a shower every day is a healthy habit every individual should have. The way you look and present yourself sets off the tone for how the rest of your day plays out. However, when you’re going through a rough patch, it can be extremely difficult finding motivation to shower.

There’re times where you don’t even want to get out of bed because of how sad and unmotivated you are. Taking a shower requires effort, and when you’re stuck in a rut, it’s difficult to get up and do it. However, just because you feel this way does not mean that you should let yourself go. It is important that you remember your health while trying to get back on track. 

It’s one way to stay clean and feel better after all those days where it feels like nothing is ever going right. Even though things will get better eventually if they haven’t already. Showers make us feel more refreshed so we can face our problems head on instead of letting them consume us. 

Showering should not just be limited for when one has exerted themselves in strenuous activity; there are many benefits to taking showers every day, which include having more energy throughout your day. 

Not only does this make you feel great and look amazing, but it also helps wash away any dirt or toxins from the environment that may be on your skin! It also helps you maintain overall hygiene, which is important, especially if you’re constantly surrounded by people. 

We are in constant contact with people and their germs.

Every day, we touch our faces, brush up against others at the grocery store, or shake hands during a meeting- all of which can lead to exposure to potentially harmful bacteria that may not be easily detectable on your skin. 

This is especially important ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep yourself clean as much as possible.  A healthy routine of showering every day will help keep an individual feeling their best and smelling fresh while staying healthy. 

Reasons why you may not have any motivation to shower;

1) You’re Depressed

Some people are too depressed to want to find motivation to shower.

You’ve been feeling down lately and all of your responsibilities seem overwhelming. When you take on too much (or when it feels as if others are taking advantage), depression starts to creep in – especially because simple tasks become difficult or exhausting for someone who’s struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

When you’re depressed, even the simplest things can feel like a burden. It can lead even to something like getting out of bed in the morning being an impossible feat, and then it only gets more and more complicated from there on.

If you’re feeling like this may be the reason why you’re struggling to find motivation to shower, I’d suggest speaking with a therapist. 

2) You’re Lazy 

If you’re struggling with finding motivation to shower, it may just be because you’re lazy. Honestly, we’re all human and we all have days like that. It’s okay if you don’t shower one day every so often because you don’t feel like it.

You are not the only person who has done that. Just don’t make it a habit. If this is something you’re really struggling without of laziness, the best thing is just to simply adjust your routine.

You can start with getting up earlier than usual in order to get enough time for hygiene before heading off to work or school, or do it immediately when you get home. Chances are, if you jump right into it, you won’t even notice it after you’re done. You can chill afterwards. 

3) You’re Burned Out

Another big reason why you may not have motivation to shower is because you’re going too hard on yourself. It seems like every shower is just another step towards inevitable collapse. 

If you’re a workaholic – we mean that in the best way possible, please take an honest look at what’s going on. IF YOU’VE REACHED THE PEAK OF TOTAL BURNOUT, it’s time to take a break.

It feels as if you’re climbing uphill and the air is getting thinner with each step. You are so overworked, exhausted, and overwhelmed that everything around you looks blurry through eyes barely open because of how tired they feel from exhaustion or sleep deprivation while struggling to stay clean. 

Showering is a good way to start your day and get energized. You might be wondering, “How can I make myself want to do this if I’m feeling this way?” 

Well, that is why you are here reading these tips! 

Here are some helpful things for motivating yourself into getting up and taking care
of the most important thing in life: YOURSELF! After all, who else will take care of you?

1) Listen to Music 

Music is proven to make you feel better. But if it can also motivate you, then that’s even more reason not to stop listening!

Music is a powerful tool for the human psyche and body alike. Not only does music have uplifting qualities, but studies show that it may be an effective motivator as well, which could serve as your own personal cheerleader on those tough mornings when motivation seems difficult or impossible to find.

It can be a great way to motivate you to hop in the shower and just sing your favorite song at the moment. It’ll make time pass so quickly.

One of my favorite things I’ve bought on Amazon is this Shower Bluetooth Speaker. It will have me blast my music without worrying about damaging my phone. 

2) Use a Timer

You’ll be out of the shower in no time with a timer.

Putting a timer on while you’re getting ready to take your shower can help encourage yourself to get going. You can really enjoy how refreshing it feels when you hop into the water! You won’t even know that 10 minutes have gone by. 

Setting your phone’s alarm for 10-15 minutes is enough time to make sure you do it. It won’t get pushed back.

You’ll thank yourself later.

3) Picture a Happy Place

Find your happy place before jumping into the shower; even if it’s something super simple. It can work wonders for recharging motivation levels.

Take the time to find your happy place. Imagine yourself being in a tropical paradise, sitting on a white sand beach with beautiful turquoise water all around you. Take long deep breaths and relax for 5 minutes before getting up and stepping back from reality.

It’s easy enough to fall prey to laziness or procrastination if we allow ourselves too much free time during our day; but don’t worry – there are ways out! If taking showers just isn’t an option, you can try finding alternate methods like bathing.

You can set up candles, have a nice glass of wine and enjoy your favorite movie. Make it a self-care day.

4) Develop an Exercise Routine

girl doing yoga child's pose

If you’re too lazy or are struggling to find motivation to shower, try exercising more. If you exercise more often and sweat profusely, the scent of your own body is sure to be enough motivation for taking that refreshing warm bath!

Not only do the endorphins that come from breaking a sweat can give you the energy and motivation to shower, which will make your day better, but it will help you feel more refreshed throughout the day.

Everyone is busy, and with so many activities to choose from, it can be hard to decide how you want your exercise routine. Do you need a quick workout in the mornings? A longer one after work? Maybe something that fits around all of life’s other obligations like errands or taking care of kids – there are options for everybody! 

When you’re looking to create a workout routine, it’s important to not limit yourself. There are so many types of exercises available for all sorts of people. 

Yoga can help increase flexibility and focus on mental wellness; weights or body-resistance training will help build muscle mass while burning calories at the same time; running allows runners to explore their surroundings as well as get in some quality exercise time. Just look for the one that fits you best. 

If you’re struggling to come up with a routine, I’ve written an entire article on establishing a morning yoga routine which you can find here.

5) Try New Products

New purchases can be a great way to motivate you. It’s not just the shiny new items that are appealing. It’s so nice how they make your bathroom feel like it has been updated and refreshed in small ways.

That feeling of freshness is enough for many people to want to wash their hair or shower before going about their day!

Consider looking into some new soaps, shampoos, or other hygiene products. Want an even more luxurious experience? Try slathering your hair with a creamy conditioner and then wrapping it in something like a silk scarf for up-do styling that smells amazing! 

It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present. You can use your new products as part of your self care routine. 

My favorite products that I’ve bought that motivate me to jump right in the shower are these amazing Shower Bomb Tablets Aromatherapy Steamers.

6) Cry it Out and Scream Whatever is on Your Mind

crying in the shower

It can be hard to express all the feelings that come with a bad day. It is not always easy and sometimes you need time alone, but there is other than one to show how tough something was in your mental state. 

The shower is the perfect place to decompress and release our emotions. The water from the shower head has a therapeutic effect that can help you release pent-up emotions. Allow yourself to cry as much as you need until your sadness is gone for good!

7) Talk to a Therapist 

If you’re still struggling to find motivation to shower after trying out these methods, then maybe talking with a therapist may be your best bet.

Achieving the hygiene standards of modern society can prove difficult for some people. It is not uncommon that this struggle leads them down an unhealthy path. It can also leave you feeling like you never measure up. 

Everyone has their own levels of personal preference and there are many ways individuals choose in order to create success at cleaning themselves on a regular basis. However, if these strategies don’t work out well enough, time will tell what else might help achieve better results. 

One way could be working closely together with someone who specializes in dealing specifically with such matters as counseling, because psychologists often have good insight into our thoughts which makes us act differently than we should when living.

If you’re seeking further help please contact the National Help Hotline.

Bottom Line

You might not want to take a shower, but like it or not, your body is working hard every day and needs time for rest. So if you need help to get motivated, just think about all the good times that are waiting for you when this task will be finished: how nice and clean you’ll feel afterward; how refreshed your skin will look in those flattering clothes from last week’s shopping trip with friends at H&M? Get ready for tomorrow by taking care of today!

I know we’ve been busy lately -maybe too busy to make time to do something as simple (or difficult) as washing up. But there’s so many reasons why showers can benefit us both physically and mentally they’re great ways to recharge after work.

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